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  • Lenticular Wobbler

    Wobblers with the 3D effect are made using the lenticular film. We produce the desired effect (flip, morphing, depth). This product shows, just how big of a progress people made in the design of marketing tools.

    We put more information on the small product, than with a normal wobbler. In addition, this product is way more visually pleasing.

    This wobblers have a transparent, plastic strip, that gives the impression, that they are floating in the air. We produce various shapes and sizes of our wobblers.

  • PCV, PET, PP Wobbler

    A more economical solution. Plastic wobblers made of PVC, PET or PP (transparent or white). They are very durable and weatherproof so they can be used both inside and outside.

    We produce various shapes and sizes of wobblers, as our customer wishes. Everyone has an transparent strip attached, so they can be applied with ease.

  • Cardboard wobbler

    Product for people with budget in their mind. It is made from high quality paper or cardboard. If the customer wishes, we can varnish wobblers after the print with UV varnishing or laminate.

    We offer almolst every shape and size of the wobblers. Every wobbler comes with the transparent, plastick strip with strong adhesive tape for montage.





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