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Beverage coasters are an economical but very effective way to advertise a product or business. The branded coaster will not only protect desks and tables from hot ups and watermarks but also advertise your product or brand while being constantly on display. It is a highly practical gadget, and a perfect giveaway at trade fairs, conferences and all kinds of promotional events.
The print is made on various materials (from chalk paper to lenticular foil, creating a 3D effect), and then combined with the bottom made of natural cork, micro rubber or solid cardboard. We also offer coasters with two-sided print in various shapes and sizes.
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Our modern technical facility allows us to create the most original and eye-catching advertising materials, We can print on various surfaces, carve different shapes and sizes, give the advertising materials a 3D effect, the illusion of motion, depth, or changing image. We offer fast production of various advertising materials and gadgets, such as wobblers, counter mats, mouse pads, stickers, calendars and magnets. We also print high-quality product packaging and custom-designed boxes.

We carry out orders for small and large volumes. Our services represent consistently high quality, regardless of the size of the order. Do you have an unconventional idea and you’re not sure whether it will be feasible? Call us, we assume it will be possible!

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Don’t hesitate, join the ranks of our satisfied customers, who entrusted us with the production of their advertising materials and were not disappointed.