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Shelf edge strips

Shelf edge strips, data strips or shelfliners are cardboard or plastic (PVC, PET) strips placed on front edges of store shelves. Shelf strips are one of the most popular and effective POS materials. They facilitate the professional display of products, and boost sales, bringing customers' attention to promotional price or a novelty on the shelf.
We produce shelf edge strips in any shape and size. They can be hot bent or protrude from the shelf according to the customer's design. The strips can also be printed in 3D technology, creating the illusion of movement, depth or other interesting visual effects. At the customer's request, we attach a double-sided adhesive tape on the bottom.

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POS and POP materials are our speciality. It is a collective term for marketing materials designed to boost sales directly at the point of purchase. Point Of Sale materials are the most frequently used advertising tools that effectively contribute to the increase in brand recognition and product sales.

Are POS materials effective?

According to research, about ¾ of purchasing decisions are made directly at the store. Properly placed advertising materials, such as wobblers, shelf stoppers or shelf data strips catch the customer's eye and transfer their attention to the promoted product. These materials can be formed in a curious shape, for example, to imitate the product itself, or printed on lenticular foil to create a 3D effect. Point-of-sale marketing is a very important part of the overall marketing strategy. BTL activities can be carried out in parallel with a larger media campaign or be directed to a specific target group. Marketing campaigns with the use of creative POS materials have a positive impact on brand recognition and increase product sales.

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