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Printing is more than a business, it’s our family tradition.


Thanks to our extensive experience, we are not afraid to take on new challenges and we boldly pursue our ideas and visions. We were the first printing house in Poland to introduce lenticular (three-dimensional, multi-phase) printing technology. This technology opened brand new opportunities for polish manufacturers to connect with their customers. The new wobblers, boxes, mouse pads, magnets, folders, calendars, labels with 3D effects, due to the stronger emotional response from customers, very quickly became powerful marketing tools. That was a true breakthrough in the polish advertising market.

Lenticular printing is a new generation marketing tool - eye-catching and effective, standing out from other forms of advertising. We can't perceive 3D printing as a curiosity or temporary fashion. Advertising campaigns built on lenticular print generate a lot of interest among recipients and become much more memorable.


Our broad experience and practical knowledge allow us to fulfil even the most demanding projects of our customers.

To keep the highest quality of our products, we maintain a modern and fully equipped machine park, operated by professional, experienced staff. Our printing house uses only the best equipment, which is why we cooperate with Heidelberg, a leading producer of printing machinery.

The advertising industry is constantly developing, inventing newer and more original ways to promote companies. We carefully observe the current trends and market requirements, thus we are able to meet the constantly evolving demands of our customers. We participate in trade fairs, always looking for new ideas and technological solutions. We are constantly expanding our machine park to improve and broaden the range of our services. Our offer includes both offset and digital printing as well as UV printing, which enables printing on non-absorbent surfaces, such as PVC, metallized and adhesive foils.

We can help you create interesting promotional materials, that will bring popularity and success to your company. Remember that we buy with our eyes first, so engage our printing services today.

Fortis - we will print your dreams!

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