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This Cookie Policy applies to the website

By using the website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you should change your browser settings appropriately or stop using the website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files saved and stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone while you visit various websites on the Internet. A cookie usually contains the name of the website it comes from, the cookie's lifetime and a randomly generated unique number used to identify the browser from which the website is visited.

What do we use cookies for? uses cookies for undermentioned purposes:

  • to make the pages faster and more convenient to use

  • to collect anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how people use websites and help improve their functionality and content.

Using cookies in the manner described above, we never identify the users' identity on the basis of information stored in cookies.

How long is data stored in cookies?

Two types of cookies can be used on the 

website - session cookies and permanent cookies. The former remain on your device only while using the website. Permanent cookies remain on your device as long as their lifetime is set, or until you delete them.

Types of cookies used on the website:

Cookie type

What are they used for?

Necessary for the website to function

Necessary for the proper functioning of the website, they allow you to navigate through the pages and use their elements. For example, they can remember previous activities (e.g. open texts) when you return to the page in the same session.

Improving performance

Collecting information about how visitors use the website, by providing information on the areas they visit, the time they spend, and the problems they encounter, such as error messages. This allows us to improve the performance of our website.

Improving functionality

Remembering your settings and choices (e.g. username, location, personal settings) to provide you with more personalized content and services. They also allow you to watch movies and use social networking tools such as blogs, chats, and forums.


Do we use third-party cookies?

Yes, when using our website, you can receive cookies from external third parties, such as Facebook, Google, Allegro Group.

How can I change cookie settings or delete them?

Most web browsers are initially set to automatically accept cookies. However, you can change your browser settings so that cookies are blocked – fully or partially, e.g. only from third parties, or set to receive a message each time cookies are sent to your device. Remember, however, that blocking the cookies, may have a negative impact on the comfort of using the website.

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