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  • Rulers

    Rulers 3D

    • UV offset printing on lenticular foil

    • print protected white UV colour

    • possible effects: 3D, flip, animation, morphing

    • reverse offset printing on coated paper

    • print protected with foil  or UV glossy or mat varnish

    • any size and shape

    Rulers from PVC

    • UV offset printing on hard PVC foil – white and transparent

    • print protected with white UV colour  or UV glossy or mat varnish

    • any size and shape

  • Business card PULL AND PUSH

    Sliding to the middle business card, which can be made of the various kind of materials, content surprising informations.

  • 3D business cards

    The 3D business cards are an amazing, creative way to promote your person or your company.

    There is more to this solution than just looks. On a \'flip\' image you can put twice as much information than on a regular business card. That\'s twice the chance of leaving a good impression.

  • Folding discount card

    Folded discount cards are a popular and elegant solution.

    They are more practical than the regular discount cards, because you can put more information on them. We offer various types of paper and additional converting.

  • Discount cards

    Standard discount cards are made mostly from cardboard. We laminate the front and leave the back so it can be use for writing or stamping.

    This product remains one of the most popular ways to lounch an loyalty program.





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