Fortis - Drukarnia Zielona Góra

This is what we are the best at. Lenticular printing technique allows you to create a new generation of marketing tools.

Information presented this way reinforces the message and stays longer in the memory. Our extensive experience enables customers to realize the visions that without the use of lenticular printing method wouldn't be possible.

With this metod we can make a variety of effects, such as:

3D - the effect of spaciousness and depth;



Morphing - smooth, gradual transition of one image into another;

podkładka kot i tygrys

Flip - 'flipping' displacement of one image into the other; motives are visible alternately depending on viewing angle in directions: 'right - left' or 'up - down'.

obraz 3d

Animation - the effect of smooth movement without the use of electronics. It consist in penetrating a sequence of photos which gives an impression of motion. The change can be ralized in the direction 'up - down'.

podkładka 3d

Zoom - zoom illusion and distance of objects, which gives an impression of a short film.