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Lenticular printing
Lenticular printing is our speciality. The use of this printing technique opens up wide possibilities of creating new generation marketing tools. Extensive experience enables us to implement various visions of our customers, which wouldn’t be possible without the lenticular foil.
With the use of lenticular print, we can create a number of different effects:
  • 3D – stereoscopic effect, allows you to "extract" an element from a flat surface.
  • Flip - a transformation of one image into another. The graphics alternate depending on the viewing angle in the right-left or up-down directions.
  • Morphing - smooth, gradual transition from one image to another.
  • Zoom - the illusion of zooming in and out of objects, a bit like animation.
  • Animation - the effect of smooth movement, based on the interpenetration of sequences of graphics. 

What is lenticular printing?

Lenticular printing is a technology that combines a properly prepared image with a special foil with lenses moulded into one side. The finished image consists of two or more different graphics that interpenetrate when viewed from the right angle. To obtain the desired effect, the lenses must be perfectly aligned with the image.

The effect created by the lenses can be compared to a magnifying glass - they zoom in on the part of the image under the foil. Changing the viewing angle changes the image underneath the lenses, resulting in an illusion of movement or depth. If the lenses are parallel with both of the viewers’ eyes, they see only one image at a given angle. If the observer looks at the lenses perpendicularly, each eye will see a different image. Thanks to this property, we can achieve a 3D effect.

3D printing is often used to create marketing gadgets. We use it, among others for printing mouse pads, bookmarks, greeting cards or advertising magnets.

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Comprehensive customer service is our priority. We are constantly expanding our offer, adding new products, created using various printing methods. We specialize in both offset and digital printing as well as offset UV, enabling printing on non-absorbent materials such as PVC, self-adhesive foil or adhesive foil.

The main area of our activity includes the creation of marketing materials. We print all kinds of advertising products, such as three-fold calendars, stickers, magnets, mousepads and many others. The advertising industry is constantly developing, introducing new and more original ways to promote companies. We carefully observe current trends and market requirements, thus we are always able to meet the constantly evolving demands of our customers.

Remember that we buy with our eyes first, so engage our printing services today. We can help you create a product, that will be a true eye-catcher for the customers. 

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