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Digital pirinting

The biggest advantage of this method is the ability to print almost immediately. It leaves out a large number of processes that are required for the preparation of offset printing machine. In addition, we can apply the so-called "personalization". This means that each copy can differ from the previous one (have a different barcode or name - important when printing business cards) or changed some graphic element. Prints to certain quantities are also much more economical than in the case of offset printing.

druk cyfrowy

Preparation of files for printing

Acceptable file types: .pdf, .psd, .jpg, .ai, .tiff, .eps


All fonts should be converted into curves. If the writings are black, they should be 100% K (K - blacK, 100% black), if they are gray, they should be in the range of 1% -99% K.


If the final product will be die cut (some shape will be cut out from it, e.g. star, cloud, etc.) - bleeds should be 3mm on each side. The graphics should be 4mm away from the die.

With a sharp cut, bleeds should be 3mm on each side.


It should be applied as a 100% M (Magenta) vector line. If the graphic design is saturated with this color, a die should be applied in 100% C (Cyan), 100% Y (Yellow), 100% K or 100% Pantone.

Gold, silver, backgrounds:

The above elements should be marked as 100% of any Pantone. The design should be ordered without unnecessary clipping masks, while use should not take up more space than its size with bleeds.


All bitmaps should be in 300 - 600 DPI resolution and in CMYK color profile.

This specification allows to avoid printing problems and simplifies the work of graphic designers, who know how to prepare files so that the printouts reflect the graphic design to the greatest extent.