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Spiral-bound wall calendars

We print spiral-bound wall calendars on high-quality paper, which makes them look more stylish and elegant. They consist of 12 monthly pages, each with different graphics and marketing messages. We offer spirals in many different colors, so that our customers can match this finishing element to the entire design of their calendar.

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Advertising calendars are one of the most popular and effective marketing gifts - they are useful all year round and everyone uses them. Once purchased, they will promote your company for 365 days, which is a great result, considering the small financial effort required to produce them. A tasteful, eye-catching calendar will help build a positive image of your brand. There is nothing better than a year-round advertisement of your products or services hanging on the wall at your customers and partners offices. When it comes to promotional gifts, an ingenious and interesting design plays an important role, so it is important to create a calendar that will stand out from the crowd, making the recipient proud to use it.

Our offer includes various variants of calendars, from three-fold with 3D or metalized heads, to spiral and desk calendars. We produce calendars using various technologies - digital, offset and lenticular printing.

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