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Eco-friendly products

Out of concern for the natural environment, we have introduced a line of eco-friendly products – printed on recycled materials, whose production has a lower impact on the ecosystem.

Brown kraft paper is a combination of two trends: care for the environment and fashion for simple and raw-looking materials. Business cards, labels, invitations, leaflets, tags or vouchers printed on eco-friendly Kraft papers and cardboards are a very interesting alternative to traditional marketing materials. In addition to their ecological value, they are distinguished by their natural, earthy appearance, high rigidity and durability. We also offer self-adhesive kraft paper, ideal for the production of labels for eco, bio, handmade products, etc., or advertising stickers for companies that want to show their concern for the environment or the ecological nature of their goods and services.

For customers who care about the wellbeing of our planet, but want to maintain the elegant white colour of their advertising materials, we recommend Nautilus - 100% recycled ecological paper, produced with environmentally friendly technologies. Nautilus papers are characterized by excellent print quality, eye-pleasing, warm shade of white and longevity.

Our product range also includes eco-friendly packaging materials. We can create elegant and eye-catching custom mailer boxes, made of decorative corrugated cardboard in natural or white colour, 100% recycled and easily foldable, without the use of glue.

The use of environmentally friendly materials to promote a brand is one of the easiest ways to reduce our negative impact on the ecosystem!

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