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  • Non slip table mat

    Non slip table mat is a very useful gadget. The product is covered on the bottom side with a special anti-slip varnish, that keeps the mat in one place on the desk.

  • PVC table mat

    We usually make this productwith a 0,3mm thick, knurled PVC film. We make the print, varnish it and then combine the PVC with a 1,2mm gray foamed PVC.

  • 3D lenticular table mat

    Just like the non slip and PVC mats, this product is perfect to use on any desk or table. With the usage of lenticular foil we can produce amazing effects on this flat surface. This mats have 1,2mm thick, gray foamed PVC on the bottom side, but are way more eye-catching.

  • Welded table mats

    Promotional table mats that provide comfortable use. Excellent adhesion to the substrate. Easy to clean , resistant to moistur.

    • print options:

    -       UV offset printing on the lenticular foil

    -       UV offset printing on the foil PVC 0,3 mm

    -       Offset printing on coated paper – placed between PVC 0,3 mm top and bottom

    • bottom layer – grey foam 1,2 mm

    • top and bottom layers are welded along the edges

    • any size and shape 





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