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  • 3D mouse pad

    Thanks to properly prepared designs we can manufacture 3d or animated pictures on a flat surface. Our mousepads are based on the 1,2mm thick foamed PVC (anti slip).

  • Mouse pad with a calender or notepad

    There isn\'t many promotional gadgets more practical than a mouse pad. Our proposition is even more practical. We make the print directly on the 0,3mm thick PVC film in full color and then we attach a notepad or a calender. The bottom layer is made of gray, anti-slip foamed PVC.

  • Ultra thin, non-slip mouse pad

    We introduce the ultra thin, very comfortable mouse pads with a full color print directly on the PVC film. We than varnish the bottom layer with white color and anti slip varnishing. This product is very stylish and useful.

  • Mouse pad

    Regular mouse pad made of 0,3mm thick PVC film and 1,2mm thick, gray foamed PVC. We can make them in various shapes and sizes as the client wishes.

  • Welded mouse pad

    The product consists of three layers. The first layer is a protective 0.3mm thick PVC film; the second layer consists of printed paper; the third and last layer is a gray micro-rubber (foamed pvc), providing comfortable use. The whole product is then welded with a high frequency pvc welding machine.





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