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Printing it's more than a business - it's our family tradition.

Since the year 2000 we've been baldly realising our dreams of producing the highest quality of printed materials. Our experience combined with the newest trends in printing resulted in many great years of working with companies from Europe.
More than 14 years ago as one of the first on the market we've introduced the lenticular printing methods in Poland. This technology opened brand new opportunities for polish manufacturers to connect with their customers. The new packaging methods, wrappings, folders, calendars, labels and many other marketing tools helped companies to achieve stronger emotional responses from their clients. This was truly a breakthrough in polish marketing.

o nas

o nas

Our experience and know-how allows us to realise even the most extravagant and innovative ideas of our customers.

To make everything possible and to maintain the highest quality we need to supply our experienced personel with the most modern and effective machines.
Here at FORTIS our motto is "to be the best - work with the best", that is why we cooperate with Heidelberg, one of the premier manufacturers of printing machinery.
We are able to realise projects that include:
- offset printing (various formats, various colors and finishes);
- lenticular printing (projects in 3D that showcase incredible effects on flat surfaces);
- various gadgets (mouse pads, cup coasters, magnetic notepads, notepads, beer coasters, table pads, lenticular cups with 3D effect and many more);
- calendars (with or without lenticular print);
- magnets (every imaginable shape and form, with or without lenticular effect);
- other ("sky is NOT the limit").
For more information feel free to contact us. We'll always reply as quickly as possible.
FORTIS - we'll print your dreams!


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