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  • Peelable label

    The labels don\'t have to be permanent. Now we use special type of glue to be sure that a label can be safely removed without leaving a trace on the surface. That is the biggest advantage of the peelable label.

    Removing of the label is not dangerous for the surface. It is mostly used in the electronic business for warnings and other information.

    We produce various shapes and sizes of peelable labels.

  • Double sided labels

    That's a great solution for glass doors, windows or other transparent surfaces. We make this labels so they can be read from both sides of the transparent material. This product allows to show twice as much information than the normal labels. Each side can be with a different design.

    We produce various shapes and sizes of these labels. If you have any questions - feel free to contact us.

  • Adhesive (glueless) stickers

    Some surfaces need to remain clean. We simply can't use any type of glue on them, as we can't imagine having to scrape off the residue after removing the sticker. Glueless labels easily stick to smooth surfaces, without leaving any trace after peeling off.

    Thanks to the intermolecular attraction, the stickers adhere to smooth surfaces and stay there, until you decide otherwise. They can be applied multiple times and easily removed. These properties give adhesive stickers a very wide range of applications. Not only they are great for short-term advertising campaigns, but also as labels for appliances or warnings on TV screens.

  • 3D labels

    Labels with a 3D effect are one of the simples means to showcase some information. In the XXI century everything, that's in 3D seems to be better.

    We produce these labels on the lenticular foil with the adhesive backside. We create various shapes and sizes of the labels, achieving one of the standard 3D effects (flip, morphing, depth and so on). In case you have any questions - our experts will gladly answer all of them. Simply use the contact form or contact us via telephone.

  • Standard labels

    Even the classic labels can be interesting, if we give them a unique shape and design. We produce various labels, using the UV printing technology on the adhesive film. Our labels are weather proof, so they can be used inside and outside.





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